Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Unfinished Business (UFB's)

As I inventoried, I took photos of some of the things I need to finish, in their various states of 'unfinishedness' (is that really a word?).

LOVE this pattern but haven't done anything with it yet.  But I will....

Current project on my wall, "Stacks" pattern by Tula Pink, but I had to do lots of MATH to bring it down to a more reasonable block size.  Hers was 18", and I just didn't want the finished quilt to be as large as hers, yet I still wanted the same number of blocks and rows to get the same look.  LOVE this!  I have all the blocks done now, although they are not in this picture.  This quilt be done by June & I will post completed picture.

No further comment on the one below, other than the caption.  It has an undecided future.
Guild block of the month.

LOVE!  Spider web using selvages.  Definitely will finish!!

Iris LOVES this!  Can't you see how excited she is?!!  Is it the bright colors?  The geometric design??  I don't know, but she ALWAYS love when I put a quilt top or quilt on the floor.  She runs around on top, pounces, dives underneath, then frequently falls asleep in the middle of it, as her efforts were SOOOOO taxing and exhausting.  Ahhh, the life of a cat!!!   Kind of like the toddler, falling asleep in the middle of play.  Reminds me of a funny picture my brother took of his son, asleep in his dinner plate, atop a tall barstool.  How he stayed up there, I don't know, because he was SOUND asleep...... he had played so hard all day.  So cute!!!

I think it needs to be larger.  Didn't use for purpose originally intended, but it will go forward at some point for someone or something.  Great pattern, I think the book was 'Sizzling 60's', as in 60 degrees. 

Now to a few projects in boxes, neat labeled, stacked on the shelf in my studio.

Below is a 'Chippewa Nine Patch' that I started in a class with Minnick & Simpson at the Grand Hotel, May 2011.   Beautiful!

When Edyta Sitar  visited Cameo Quilt Guild & taught this class, it was the 2nd class I had with her, the first being when she visited my guild, Great Lakes Heritage Quilters sometime prior.   She is a fantastic teacher, full of energy & excitement for quilting.  I think I only need to make maybe 10 more of these blocks to finish the top.  I purchased a beautiful roll of fabric from her in class that I am using for this project.  We actually made table runners of the pattern in class, then I HAD to make a whole quilt.

Some of the Chickens (see previous blog entry if you have no clue who or what 'chickens' are) did a year along exchange of Shoo Fly blocks, using shirtings and any type of blue.  Can't remember how many I ended up with, but it's MANY, MANY blocks.  Project on the back burner for now, but I have a setting idea for the blocks ready to put into action.

Last to look at today is a box I started up based on Gwen Marston.  I wanted to keep together things left over from projects that I may want to use someday.  She calls doing this 'The Parts Department'.  I also have been 'making fabric', maybe 8-10",  in the style of Victoria Findlay Wolfe using scraps from the garbage or from one of my scrap containers, so those are a perfect additition to the "Parts Department for future to use. 'Orphan' blocks can go here too--something that was fun to make but has no purpose, so far.

Looking at all those pictures makes me want to sew! 

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