Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Round Robin Challenge

Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild met last night and we shared our first round on our Round Robin challenge.

Members who wanted to participate brought a block last month.  They were put into new, clean pizza boxes, and we passed them to the person on our right, who took it home to add something to it.  We were all very excited to see what had happened to those blocks in the last month.  Unfortunately, I wasn't taking lots of photos last night, not sure they would want me to.  Plus it would destory the rhythm & excitement of the presentation.

Everyone did a great job, I think!  They were then exchanged again.  Over the summer, we will have them from June til fall to complete, a little extra time due to our summer break.  Owners can keep them circulating in the exchange as long as they want, or pull theirs out if they have a month they think they will be too busy to work on them or feel there project is big enough.

This is the block I worked on.  I started with the small square in the center of the star.  It is 'made' fabric, 4" (finished size), from some beautiful original feedsack materials from the 1920's---30's.  I LOVE those fabrics, but was concerned the quilt could take a decided 'pastel' look if not careful.  Red is currently one of my favorite go-to fabrics, so, using white background, I added wonky points to make the block into a star. 

Then I added a 'stack' of blocks in solids to the side.  Last, along the bottom I added some very small half square triangles that were leftovers from another quilt I made.  I then put those half squares next to my sewing machine & put them through as 'leaders & enders', working on them at the same time as another project.  I think they finish at 3/4".  I LOVE how it turned out, and think the owner did too.

From the exchange, I brought home this one to work on & take back in early June.

The owner called the blue & orange center blocks 'butterflies', and the person who did the next round added some beautiful paper-pieced blocks with the light background.  I think garden is the theme.

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