Monday, April 15, 2013

International Quilt Festival Cincinnati - more photos

Not going to say too much today, just post some quilter's eye candy.  More quilt photos from the show.  AMAZING quality, beautiful work.

a cityscape
The quilt on the right was made in Sweden, I think, by a large group of people.  The quilt was IMMENSE, so TALL.  When I see something this big I always say it will go on the wall of the condo/loft, very modern, I fantasize about having one day.


 The quilting on this  was absolutely AMAZING.

 I'm not usually into a really 'brown' quilt, and try to avoid vendor booths that are yellowy/gold or brown, but this quilt was FABULOUS.  Made in Japan, by hand, hexies & some other shapes.  Beautiful rich neutral fabrics. wonderful work.
the photos don't quite do it justice.  There was a crowd around it when I first saw it.

Inspired by the maker's trip to Australia.  It had a MILLION hand appliqued little circles.  It was beautiful!!


 I found this quilt, a self-portrait titled "Fifty-Six" by Naoko Hirano of Japan, very fun & whimsical, but the description she wrote was not so whimsical; reflective, moving & made me a little sad. She was looking forward to her 'Kanreki', 60th birthday, celebrated in traditional Japanese fashion.

"Thinking back on my life, I have a lot of good memories, gratifying, as well as unhappy ones.  Age related memory loss, menopause, they are now my friends, because, at Fifty-Six, I am almost 'Kanreki'.  I think my favourites, quilting & flowers, saved me from the sadness of losing my mother & from depression caused by child-raising failure.  I'd like to say thank you to them, from the heart.  I may not be rich, but I am proud of my quilting"

 This really touched me in so many ways.  'Kanreki' looms on the horizon,  I lost my mother not too long ago.  Is she childless?  That's what I took it to mean.  Happy to say my children are my pride, no sadness there, although we always think maybe we could have given more, done better.   And Naoko, I strongly feel my quilting has saved me too.  I am thankful for it every day, and proud of the work I have done and hope to have in my future.

SO glad to be a QUILTER!!!!

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  1. The quilts are so artistic is so many different ways! Lovely!
    I like the idea of kanreki! A celebration of your 60th birthday, where you take the whole year to reflect on what direction you want your next 60 years to go. And you wear red! And your family throws you a party!