Friday, August 5, 2016

What I'm Doing Right Now (#WIDRN)

Been far too busy this summer to update this blog.  Enjoying summer.  Going Up North.  Breaking my baby toe.  Working on five different projects.  And I have had a HUGE outbreak the last few days of "Look There's a Squirrel" Fever!  Here's some proof:

Just this morning, I HAD to cut out 9 - 9.5" squares of background grey for a small quilt that some quilters did as a challenge on Instagram.  It's the crosscut quilt challenge, which they did last week.  Yes, that's right.  LAST week.  I think I have to jump on board.  Now.  Right this minute. 

More on that at a later date.

Then, I offer you a glimpse of my design wall.  I'm sorry it's not a better pic, but morning light is not kind to my studio, it's a bit dim. And I could have smoothed those blocks onto the flannel a little more, but who has TIME for that!  So.  It is what it is.

These two things are moving right along.  One, the small one (bottom left), is from a kit recreating an antique baby quilt that I bought a few years ago. Got going on that again last week, and it's going to be really cute.  The other is the EPP project I started last year, in late October.  I am zipping along, only need to piece TWO more blocks, and applique those plus 4 more onto their background squares.  Then, some cute little clusters of four petal shapes get sewn together, and attached in each corner where four blocks meet.

So, that's what I've got right now (plus two more quilt tops I finished recently, one is 60 X 75", the other is 50" X 75".   PLUS a LARGE 90" square top is being dropped off to one of my favorite long-arm quilters today.  I sure don't want to put that puppy under my own needle for quilting!  And no, you don't get to see those just yet.

Gotta run----those 9/5" squares are calling!!  And have to start packing for Grand Rapids AQS--leaving on Tuesday, won't be back til Saturday!  But before I go, here's a squirrel, since I'm having lots of those squirrel moments this week---'squirrel flash', like a hot flash----because

Quilting is my SUPER POWER!

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