Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Oh, yeah----NEW projects! Project ONE

I've changed so much the last few years----now I MUST have handwork!  All the time.  So I already ordered another new Sue Daley pattern (her website is down right now, but it's  Her work is fabulous---as I've said before, what are they putting in the water those Australian quilters are drinking, anyway!  I want some!  Such incredible work coming from there, the patterns, books & fabric are just beyond excited belief.

Instagram can be a dangerous thing, I'm just saying.  The inspiration is amazing, the quilters there are fabulous.  It's the best, most supportive quilting community.  But you see NEW things all the time, things you MUST do, must join in on!  Which led to my two new projects.....

Check out this blogpost on July 31, Sharon of Lilabelllane, does fabulous work, you should be reading her blog anyway!  She posted a picture on her Instagram account & I commented to ask her how long it had taken her to get as far as she had, which was probably 2/3 of the above-----6 weeks!!  SIX WEEKS!  Does this woman sleep????  I think not. (disclaimer---I LOVE her.  I want to BE her).

So that's it, that's all I need.  Just 100 of those on the top, and 81 of the ones on the bottom.  Easy peasy, right?  Six weeks??  I think not!  But we'll see.   They always say the squirrel is mightier than the sword!!   I just have a couple done so far, they are smaller than I thought, just maybe 6".  I'm using a bunch of Jen Kingwell fabrics.

QUATRO COLOR QUILT STATUS:  those 2 blocks, some cut, more cutting going on, see below.  Super scrappy, not yet sure what my backgrounds will be.  Love the black out to grey, but lots of possibilities.  Like Scarlet O'Hara always said (and I'm fond of repeating), "I'll think about that tomorrow.  Because, after all, tomorrow is another day"!! (Said, of course, with a southern accent)

Second project, NEXT POST. 

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