Sunday, August 14, 2016

AQS Grand Rapids 2016

First off, no, I can't yet show you the little project I started last time.  But I will soon, I promise.

I just had one of the best weeks EVER.  Since AQS began having shows in Grand Rapids, Michigan I have been fortunate to go with a group of friends, usually 5 or 6 of us go.  We spend the entire week, arriving the day before the show opens on Wednesday, going home Saturday.  Shopping the vendors, looking at quilts, attending lectures & classes, and meeting up with lots of friends from the quilting world, our world.

This year was special because I had three quilts in the show.  Three.  Can you imagine how blessed I felt?  And nervous?  To have some of your quilts hanging, displayed on black, at a national show.  Among your peers.  Among work you can never, ever match.  Incredible breathtaking work.  Putting yourself OUT there is scary.  It took me two days to be able to hang out occasionally near my quilts, afraid I might hear someone say something, but what an amazing KICK it was to see people go close to look, to linger sometimes and take photographs!!  Yes, I am insecure, thank you very much.

One was part of a guild challenge exhibit with Great Lakes Heritage Quilters, first time ever that our 24-year-old guild has had such an exhibit at a national show.  I am so proud of GLHQ!  Our theme was 'text' or words.  The quilts had to have words, and had to finish at 30" by 40".  We had 8 lovely quilts hanging and our name on a placket.  BUT, AQS kinda screwed up this year by NOT putting individual cards by the quilts to identify their maker & name.  So feeling gypped for some of us who have never had a quilt hanging at AQS before.  Some maybe never again, because they just don't enter shows.  So this was very exciting for us as a guild, and I felt so proud that we were represented.  GLHQ has a lot of talent.  (One of our younger members, Ruth, won a 2nd place ribbon for a quilt she entered solo, not this exhibit.  I believe the modern wall-hanging category, so huge congrats to her!)

Mine in the GLHQ Guild Challenge group is below.  I sure wish they had steamed a little, as they said they would, because the fold lines from shipping were very apparent.  Sorry about that!

Normally, when the show opens, we get right to shopping, as items do run out, as the quilts will be there all week.  So we may not even LOOK at quilts til Thursday, or even Friday.  This year we went directly to the quilts, guild exhibit first.  My friends were sweet & awesome, they made much of it & I felt like papparazzi were taking my photo in front of each of my quilts.  BIG thank you to Joyce, Diane, Phyllis & Linda-----thank you so much for your love & support--you made me feel so special!

The next quilt was at spot 106, and you could see it hanging while standing in the aisle of the guild display, which was kind of fun.  I LOVE this one---everything about it.  The colors, the quilting, the fabrics!  Ohhhh-----and it's going on to the AQS show in Des Moines!!!  That show is October 5-8, 2016.

Wonky Baskets (started after a Gwen Marston workshop)
Seven Point Two (spiral quilted, pattern by Rossie Hutchinson)
What's on my foot, you say?  Broke my baby toe 3 weeks before the show.  Still couldn't get a shoe on it, so had to wear this velcro thing.  I could walk OK, but can't yet get a regular shoe on it.  It did cramp my style a bit, slowed me down, but when you're there all week, this works out OK, because you can take your time & pace yourself.

Huge thank you to my good friends MARIE, and Pam, from Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild.  They requested I show them each of mine personally, and Marie took photos of me & each, and posted them on Instagram.  Love you, Marie!

I felt so much love & support from my GLHQ friends, and DAMQG friends, who came up to me at the show and congratulated me and hugged me----again, the love & support of friends is a wonderful thing, and I thank you all, even if I didn't name you here.  I think of each & every one of you, your face & name, in my heart.  Thank you.

Lastly, my beloved eldest, Katie, who, after I sent her a photo of me in front of a quilt, posted it on Facebook & said how proud she was of her mom, having quilts in a national show.  Katie is a writer, as you know, and respects that her mom is an artist too.  Love you, sweetie!

To get quilts in, amidst a LOT of competition, was amazing & I wore my 'contestant' ribbon with great pride.  Thank you everyone for love & support, and what amazing memories I will hold close to my heart, for a long, long time.


  1. Very exciting! You've shared some great photos here, your quilts look great. I will store away some ideas for future quilts that I might make! I've just started following your blog. One year I'd love to get to a quilt show, I've never been :)

  2. I can say "I knew you when"... :) So proud to call you friend, so proud to see you so happy, so proud to see your beautiful work on display at a national show. Congratulations!

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  4. Congrats on getting your quilts in the show! I so wish I had known you were there - my daughter had a quilt showing - her first outside of a guild show, and we knew noone there to take a photo... Anyway, glad you had a good time!

  5. Congratulations! Getting three quilts into the show is quite an honor.