Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby quilts Gifted

Back in February/March, I made three baby quilts for grandbabies of friends of mine.  I think of the 3, this one was my favorite, probably because I had been wanting to do the pattern for quite awhile.  But I love them all, and I think baby quilts are the most fun to make.  Pretty fast, small, easy, and quick gratification.  PLUS: they are for BABIES!!  Mom and Dad of this one now have two children, an adorable little boy and new baby girl.

This one I am going to enter into a Bloggers Quilt Show Blogger's Spring Quilt Show by Amy's Creative Side.
This is the first time I have entered one into this very fun virtual quilt show, and I am a newbie blogger.  But a longtime quilter...... I sure enjoyed the show over there--be sure to check it out!

The one below went to a baby born in Ireland.  LOVE this pattern.  These parents were very excited to welcome their second son.

Mom of this baby lives locally & is a teacher.  She is such a sweetie, and now proud Mom of two kids, a boy and the newest, a baby girl.


  1. I just made some blocks the same for our bee for do.Good stitches- great block. I love the pink and blue coin quilt for the Irish family even more!

  2. I love this picnic quilt! I've been wanting to make that pattern - so cute!

  3. Thank you for posting---it's always fun to share with our quilters! These were all great patterns to make,; be sure to try them!

  4. I've just started a quilt like the first one. All three of these are fabulous. Beautiful quilts