Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Baby Quilts with Elizabeth Hartman Patterns: Post ONE

Started a baby quilt at a retreat, the end of October, then, didn't touch it again til January.  But once I got going again, it flew along.  I was making baby-sized Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman.  That size is a quarter-panel of the larger quilt.  Her patterns are great, I would highly recommend them!  There is a lot of marking and cutting, so you have to be organized.  They are not difficult but do take some time.  I pulled my palette, cut out blocks, then put them in zip-lock bags.  You make 2,3 or 4 of each block design, so the bags had the same blocks packed together.  This was a very easy way to organize them, and then stitch all of the same block at one time.

My daughter's dear friend, expecting a boy, had a 'woodland' theme picked for the baby's room, and as I looked at patterns, I thought---well I HAVE to do this for her!  Colors were blues, greys and white.  Here are some of the blocks as they were in progress.

I used a really pretty Peppered Cotton (a shot cotton) for the background, plus the other fabrics I pulled for the blocks.  Here it is, all finished-----------

 The quilting, up close.  It's a nice all-over, done in rows, with my fave, Superior So-Fine Thread (which I love for machine quilting), Bottom Line in the bobbin, in a neutral, to blend as much as possible.

I gifted it in late January, and she was thrilled.  It's really fun to pull out patterns you have always wanted to make.  It's a "two-fer".  You have a lot fun, they get a great gift!

Meanwhile, I'm leaving for Quiltcon, so of course, two weeks before, I twisted my foot in rough parking lot blacktop, in the dark, after rain.

Could be a fracture, it needs to be x-rayed  again tomorrow.  There was a suspicious area, but the first x-ray wasn't definitive, so a re-check is needed.  The bruising  still looks about the same as the picture.  My feet are quite flat, so if I wear a shoe, the part where the foot should shape to the sole is the really sore part, so there are almost no shoes I can wear right now.

Let's hope for some quick healing, the clock's a ticking!!!!

P.S.  Baby boy and his Mom are doing well, he was born last week.  Congratulations to all the family!


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