Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wandering, but not aimlessly so

Well, started off with good intentions to blog a little, but lost momentum & haven't posted since my first entry.  I wanted to be sure to post some pictures with my next entry & wasn't sure how to do it.  Then I had to get sewing & made three baby quilts & 3 charity quilts in about 6 weeks time.  You can say I haven't kept up the blog, but I've sure been busy sewing!
This quilt (above) is the first of 3 baby quilts made by new grandchildren of friends.  YES! I know!  How could I possibly be in such an age group!  I have no idea how it happened; it just did!  My small quilting group, the Chickens (another blog entry altogether, and definitely an explanation of that is required) had 3 new additions to their respective families.  The quilt above was done using a tutorial by Jacquie Gering, Tall Grass Prairie Studio.  Although a traditional pattern, Chinese Coins, Jacquie's tutorial is wonderful, with an easy way to make the blocks & organize your colors.  This quilt went to Ireland for a baby boy.
The quilt above is a pattern identified as 'Whirlygig', although I've seen different patterns with that name.  Who knows?!!  This went to a baby girl.  It was a lot of fun & I used a charm pack of 'Vintage Modern' by

This one may be my favorite.  First time trying this pattern, called 'Picnic' from the book 'Scrap-Basket Sensations' by Kim Brackett.  There are 48 blocks in mine, 49 different fabrics, including the background batik.  It's a great book, lots of cute patterns using 2 1/2" strips--definitely worth having, so check it out on Amazon!  This quilt also going to a little baby girl.

The funny thing is, all 3 of these babies each have an older brother at home already.  Each of those boys got pillowcases made of cute fabrics to appeal to toddlers, & I hear one of them is using his to carry around some of his toys!  Works for me!

I guess this is a long enough entry for now....upcoming: tour of my studio & more quilt photos!  But first, check out my friends blog:  She has written about a wonderful Seminar at Grand Hotel, on Mackinac Island that I've been lucky enough to go twice already, and going again this year......