Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Can it really have been May since I last wrote?

Guild year came to an end, but for the potluck I made a cute quilted silverware roll.  To be 'green', our guild asks you to bring your own place setting to the potluck. For years I've been dumping my silverware into a plastic bag.  My friend Lori had made some cute silverware rolls for a picnic  here, but I wanted one that was quilted.  I went to my 'parts' box and used some already pieced fabric.  I also added interfacing, made it larger,  as her size suited plastic-ware but not larger silverware, and did 'quilt as you go'.   Then I made a second one & gifted it.  It worked out really well for the potluck dinner!

I've been handquilting my hand applique project from a May workshop with Sarah Fielke, using perle cotton and 'big stitch'.  Almost done.  Complete picture AFTER binding.
By guild June meeting, I also quilted the 'Quilt of the Century' pattern I started in a Gyleen Fitzgerald workshop in October 2012.  I thought it would be PERFECT to finish for guild's 'Hexie Challenge'.  UNTIL I really looked at it when deciding on a quilting pattern in early June.  You'll see what I mean.  But I do love it, and freshly inspired by by Jacquie Gering's "Straight Line Quilting" class on Craftsy, I used straight lines 1/2" apart.  Down the rows into the octagons, the lines change direction & in the center of the octagons are circles that I did with my walking foot---very fun!  I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and plan on hanging it on a wall.

In late May, I started a new quilt for my youngest daughter, Emily, who is anxiously awaiting a new quilt.  I haven't made her one since middle school?  High school?  The quilt I made her when she first went into a 'big bed' is her favorite cozy in her NYC apartment, but updated style & new quilt is now required.  There was a quilt with stars somewhere in there too, probably the middle school or high school quilt. but the first 'big bed' quilt, made with 30's reproduction fabrics has remained the most favorite & is well worn.  She looked at quilt books with me and picked this Tula Pink pattern "Stacks", decided on grey, yellow & white and I pulled fabrics, tied them togther & they were neatly piled in my studio last year.  Next--piece the backing, spray baste & machine quilt!
Lastly, the big priority: QUILTCON 2015 registration!!  We were all anxiously awaiting, pouring thru our 45 page packet, circling classes and lectures, figuring an alternate plan if needed.  Interest is HUGE and we were all figuring registration would be challenging, fingers must be lightening fast, credit card numbers MUST be memorized!  Registration would open at 11am on June 24.  The Modern Quilt Guild had a prize for best #quiltconplanning photo on Instagram, so as I sat surrounded by paper, inspiration hit me.  I got out the bourbon bottle & shot glass, and put it with my papers.  I didn;t win the prize, but my photo WAS one that was featured on the MQG blog page about the contest, so I was excited about that!
Registration was crazy & stressful.  My DAMQG friends and I had been texting and emailing all morning leading up to 11am, anticipation high.  'Radio silence' for an hour, then it broke as news began to come in about who got what.  I did very, very well.  Got 2 of my TOP class picks, the Moda Party, and a number of lectures.  Strategy was, get the classes you really want, pay, then go back in & modify, adding lectures or yoga classes.  It worked!  Classes did sell out, except maybe 6 or so that still had room.  Most sold out in an hour or two.  Demand was high.  People got cranky.  But indeed, as the button on my blog says, I'm going to Quiltcon!

I've decided my strategy for summer will be......FINISH THINGS.  Don't start anything new.  I'll let you know how that's working for me......