Saturday, June 11, 2016

Last week, I attended Glamp, my 2nd one.  The first was in November.  What's a Glamp you say?  It's glamerous camping, right?  Brenda Ratliff, owner of Pink Castle Fabrics, had numerous Camp Stitchalots, for about 25 people at a bed & breakfast.  She decided to up the ante, six teachers, well-known names, 200 attendees.   The first was held in November, this one the 2nd, and a 3rd one scheduled for November 2016.   The June 2016 Glamp had teachers Carolyn Friedlander, Elizabeth Hartman, Monica Solario-Snow (know far more by her blog & Instagram name, The Happy Zombie), Penny Layman, Violet Craft and Rashida Coleman-Hale (also a designer of Cotton & Steel Fabrics).  What an amazing line-up!!

You have very short classes over a two-day period with six teachers.  The entire group is divided into six teams, and the teachers move around, teaching each group a technique over a two-hour time period.  This Glamp's project was a row quilt, so each teacher designed a block for a row, with the central themes being paper-piecing & curves, along with some simple piecing.

Arrival on Thursday, you get some swag, including this beautiful printed zipper pouch & great for keeping a project together) an issue of Quilt Now magazine, charm square packets, thread, a Glamp sew-on patch, your name badge and wrist band indicating what color team you are on.  Strolling dinner, mix & mingle, open cash-bar, and there was a pouch swap, so people wandered around, trying to find their swap partner & present their item.

Friday and Saturday, breakfast, a class, lunch (yummy, by the way---a mexican taco bar on Friday, and pasta buffet Saturday), two more classes, then the bar opened, and dinner an hour later.  Friday night had a dance party, but we didn't seem to have the party-ers as much as last Glamp.  Mostly people just wanted to sew!  Saturday---repeat!   Check-out Sunday morning, after a continental breakfast.

Above is what I got done, although, only 2 of the houses were made at Glamp.  It was a fun weekend, and one of the BEST parts is how friendly everyone is!  One quilter from New Zealand, quite a few Canadians, and people from all over the US.

One of the best things to happen this week, was my oldest daughter's Austin, Texas reading, hometown of her publishing company, A Strange Object.  Katie's first book, a collection of short stories, "Man & Wife", was released on her Dad's birthday, May 10th.  We attending a reading & signing at Powells Bookstore in Portland in May.  Can't wait to hear about the reading at Book People in Austin, but she did post this picture.  Looks the they were well-prepared for the reading!  We are so excited & proud of her, she has worked long & hard for this day.  She is dedicated to her craft, and lives a simple lifestyle to allow herself the time to devote to it.

Oh.  And did I mention I will have not one, but THREE quilts at the AQS Show in Grand Rapids in August???  SO.  Darned.  Excited.    One is part of a guild challenge exhibit, Great Lakes Heritage Quilters Text challenge from last June.  First time my guild has had anything like that, and seeing it, and our name on the sign, is going to be an amazing feeling.

Will I see you in Grand Rapids??