Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Paper Piecing & Plastic Sheets

Just how do paper-piecing & plastic sheets go together, you ask??  They are the two things I am doing lately.

Wrapping everything in the basement in plastic.  Getting ready for waterproofing work to start on June 6.  We had a room in the basement torn down & removed.  There will be jack-hammering, trenching, then new drainage pipes, crushed rock & concrete.  After the pain of that is over, un-plastic-ing, maybe some prettying up in my basement, the first we've ever done, then trying to get things back in reasonable place.

English Paper-Piecing is such nice sit-down/TV work, so I've been working on on my Fruit Tingles quilt, pattern by the wonderful Sue Daley of Australia.  Below are my three newest blocks.

As I pull fabrics & cut out, doing usually two at a time, it's helpful to see how my colors are looking, what's needed next.  I didn't being with a complete pull to work from, just really didn't want to have another basket of fabric set aside for the project.  They usually sit so long!  So I'm pulling as I go, but the fabrics have to coordinate with the centers, which are all cut. 

It's helpful to get it out & put on the wall, to see how it's looking, so I put them up on my design wall.  Which I FINALLY got free from the Japanese Puzzle quilt that's been on the wall for maybe 2 months, little bits of numbered paper pinned to each one, what a PITA it was becoming!  No, not bread.  Pain in the-----.  It's been tying up my wall for too long, and since the deadline is approaching, at the urging of friends to finish it, I did.  But it's for a guild challenge and the reveal is our end of the year meeting June 9, so no pics of that yet.  Here's my blocks so far.

The kit doesn't come with enough paper to do all 16 blocks, so soon I have to audition & pick my  background fabrics, and get a few appliqued down to free up some papers.  I'm thinking soft grey background fabrics, maybe 4 different ones.  Then there are some really cute petal shapes, round on one end, coming to a point on the other.  They are joined in clusters of 4, and go in the corners where 4 blocks meet.  Not sure yet what color those will be, but it will be one fabric & color to unify the scrappiness of the blocks.

Also packing up for Glamp and some wonderful teachers that I am really looking forward to meeting: Carolyn Friedlander, Elizabeth Hartman, Happy Zombie ( Monica Solorio-Snow), Rashida Coleman Hale, Violet Craft & Penny Layman.


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