Thursday, January 29, 2015

Squirrels......and coffee!!

It's morning, and I don't awake easily.  Slowly, quietly...... orange juice, vitamins, then, an immediate need for coffee.  My DH and I are the same way.  Coffee is made right away, in our french press, sipped on, NEEDED.  Once it starts to course through my veins, I am off and running, ready for my day! (Mug available here)

To celebrate coffee, I am sharing these images I found.  One I just saw recently, someone had shared it on Instagram and I particularly laughed about it.  The other I shared on my blog awhile back, but it's well worth sharing again.

So this goes out for me, and also for my friend, Joyce (a Chicken), also a HUGE coffee fan.  In fact, we have been known to sprint quickly across the vast lobbies of the Amway Grand, for AQS Grand Rapids, just to try to Coconut Mocha, much loved by Kim Diehl.  Sadly, Starbucks discontinued it, but, happily, I found Coconut Creme by Coffeemate---it's delicious and I am now addicted to it!!!

And, the BEST for last,

Photo found here:

Have a great day!!  I know I will, cuz I've had my coffee!!!

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