Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I love ALL the colors!!

Can't remember where I read that, but someone was asking a child about quilt colors, and the child's response was "I love ALL the colors".  Yup!

So many projects it makes my head spin sometimes, and I wonder about that 'look! there's a squirrel' approach to quilting that I have embraced...But it doesn't stop me from starting something new and just moving on ahead.

After I made a car seat/stroller quilt for my friend Deb's newest grand-baby, I immediately made 2 more tops of the same style for Great Lakes Heritage Quilters charity efforts.  I had turned in a baby quilt for charity  previously and a couple of hot dog method pillow cases.  One of the requested sizes is 36" baby quilts.  LOVE that size, so enlarged my previous stroller quilt from 30" to 36.  One of them I just made the blocks bigger before cutting them apart and putting back together.  The other, I left the starting block sizes the same at 16" to start, then added simple borders.  That makes 3 quilts of the same design; a series????

They were really fun, but a little more shrinkage than I would have liked, leaving the quilts wrinkly.  I've been adehesive spray basting for awhile now, and wanted to get that out & have the quilts soft & washed for delicate baby skin.  I also have been using a new batting; maybe that's the culprit for the additional shrinkage?  I always use cotton battings, so you would think shrinkage from one flat cotton bat to the other would be the same. amazing quilter friend Cathy M always prewashes EVERYTHING so her quilts will have minimal shrinkage.  I always wanted that soft, old quilt look, but am re-thinking that a bit.  To do, to do.....

At our guild's charity day, I started a larger quilt from one of their cute kits  to make a zig-zag quilt from half square triangles.  Didn't get as far as I would have liked to, but you also have to talk & enjoy these events.  Can't be JUST pedal to the metal!

Also, last week pulled red and white fabrics.  My small group, the infamous Chickens, have a red and white quilt challenge due in October.  I don't always get as much sewing done in the summer as I do in the winter, so I'd like to have the top done by June, then it can be quilted in September (if necessary).  I had to take this photo THREE times--accidentally included a spoiler.   I had blocks on the design wall behind my machine & it showed.......Ugh!  That would be a bad slip!  I was sure I had angled the camera so they didn't show, but they crept in.  Sneaky red and white blocks!  They are proud & want the world to see!  Well, I don't just yet.....
Also finished my hexie challenge quilt top for Great Lakes Heritage Quilters.  Need to quilt it next & already planning it will go on my living room wall.  If the quilting turns out to my satisfaction.....

That's what I've been  Getting some sewing time in?


  1. I just love to follow your thought process and all the wonderful things you do.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read & comment, my dear!!

  3. I just love this quilt! Simply gorgeous! You are inspiring.