Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm trying to get my 'sewing mojo' back.  I think that before I go in the sewing room, I think of all the projects that NEED to be finished, deadlines etc, and that can stop me from going into 'the room'.  Instead, a little more computer time, a load of laundry or straighten out a closet.  Just kidding!  Didn't straighten out a close--just thought about it!

Sometimes we need to go in & have fun, not work on something from the 'to-do' list.  A small project, or a new block.  I always like NEW projects the best anyway.  When it comes time to assemble, add borders, make a backing, FIGURE OUT HOW TO QUILT IT, I'm not as ambitious, not joyful.  Yes, I love to have finished quilts, it's great.  But at heart, I'm a "piecer".  There.  I've said it.  I feel better now.

BUT.  I have done a couple of things in January.  My pillow covers in the living room were looking a little shabby.  Wool, very cute, round pennies on, but the wool was getting pilty.  My living room was just repainted (professionally!!), so that ups the ante.  Things need to look nice.  So here are my recovered pillows, sitting in one of my wing chairs.  One goes in one wing chair (sideways, not upright like this) and one goes in the other.  This is where DH and I sit & sip coffee, read the paper and feed Iris little bits of buttered cinnamon raisin toast on the weekends.  Yes, Iris LOVES raisin toast!  We think it's the butter she craves, but she gets excited as soon as she hears the toaster come up.  Rubs against my legs (as DH is the one making the toast), then she gets her yummy treats. Then she tidies up, as cats do, God bless them!  You can also see my new colors here--most walls are this gray-ed blue (you can't see how gray it is here), white trim and one accent wall in a cocoa brown.  But pictures, quilts etc. have not yet gone back up, so the walls are bare.  Hate making those first holes in freshly done walls, but will love when those art decision are made & things are again 'decorated'.

Then, my friend Suzanne suggested my mojo could maybe be helped by making this mammoth pin cushion slash sewing aid for next to my machine.  She had made one and thought it was 'the bomb', or some other Suzanne-ism. So I finished that up today.  I used a combo of fiberfill and also a bag of crushed walnut shells, as I like these things to have some weight, to sit nicely and be a little heavy.... I think Pat Sloan shared it from this blog here.

 It has pockets on all four sides, two a little taller than the other and you can put in the things you want handy that may fall on the floor otherwise.  Seam ripper, scizzors, ruler, chalk marker, snips etc, plus LOTS of room on top for pins, pins, pins!!

Then, I had started a baby quilt before Christmas for my daughter's friend.  Got it quilted last week, but not thrilled with the quilting.  Now that you mention it, the pattern itself was a PITA (pain in the a**).  Don't you just hate it when people write patterns, put them out there as tutorials or you find them in Moda Bakeshop, and they have errors......Grrrrr!  This one did.  Sometime after I printed it & put it away in my notebook of patterns, it was corrected after the fact.  I had no idea.  I only knew as I was assembling it that something wasn't right.........Then.  Quilting.  If it's been awhile since I 'quilted' and by that I refer to the part that is the machine quilting, I sit and stare.  I have to get out my books.  I look at my collection of samples.  Maybe I doodle.  Then I have to doodle with fabric and sewing machine.  Urgh.....Such a process!!  It's not just in my mind,  handy,  when I need it.  I have to do all these things to get into the mindset!  Not my favorite part.  But hopefully, this little baby and his mom won't mind.  Hopefully they will actually enjoy having it and use it.  A lot.  And hopefully she won't KNOW a quilter who will pick it up & stare.....wondering....'what was she thinking'......

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  1. You and I are so often on the same page. I am not feeling the satisfaction and joy of plodding through my UFOs. May just say the heck with it and jump into a few new things. There are so many wonderful ideas out there just waiting to be started.